How to set up kindle fire for child?

Open your mind, open a book! This is a very famous quote said in the interest of increasing reading habits.

Reading habits are just like chewing gum, and if one gets indulge heartedly, then they get stick like chewing gum. Addiction to reading is excellent, but as the time is changing so the method of reading books is also changing rapidly.

People are more inclined towards digital technology in every sphere of life. So as the reading habits are also persuaded with technology. Here we will get to know how to set up kindle fire for the child.

What is Kindle?

The digital reading has introduced an electronic device evolution that is extremely portable and has a collection of e-books, i.e. Kindle. This has produced a different trend in e-reading.

Further to this revolution, Amazon has introduced another device, which not only has a collection of ebooks but also has access to many applications, movies and television content.

This device is named Kindle Fire, as it’s a revolution in the area and can be bought from the link This is not  merely an e-reader, it’s a tablet with LCD screen and able to popularly stream and watch movies, music, videos, etc.

Kindle Fire tablet Features

Amazon has produced this revolutionary device dedicated to kids, where all choice and control has been shared with parents. This device is full of great efficient features, making it choicest amongst others.

  • Fullest display of 1080 pixels in High Definition
  • 2.0 GigaHertz Octa-core processor for faster processing
  • 2 Gigabytes RAM provides precise and fast movies and videos
  • The massive capacity of storage of 32 and 64 Gigabytes
  • Long-lasting battery performance of up to ten hours
  • It has hands free Alexa feature as well
  • Parental control for complete safety
  • Cost of this is the fascinating factor

 How to set up fire tablet for a child 

As kids now a day’s love and enjoy their tablets, while playing video games or watching movies. They have their preferences and choices when it comes to playing or reading.

This fire tablet has to get registered with a regular Amazon account. This is a safety measure as parents can register their account on the Kindle Fire tablet.

Once the account gets registered, then the user can enjoy full streaming at no lapse of time. Post-registration, you will find the fire tablet has two divisions consisting of first as – complete controls of the content of the tablet and the second division is Fire for kids to enjoy.

Steps to set up fire tablet-

  • The first step is to prepare a sub-profile under your registered Amazon account for your child by visiting the Amazon Account settings, under Amazon Household.
  • Now you will find two icons on your tablet, and one is yours and the other is of child’s.
  • Next, under the adult’s profile, select the child profile by clicking on the Fire for Kids icon on the home screen.
  • Post this, and the child will be in a secure area, as you as a parent can manage the security, content, settings, etc.
  • A well suitable password of your registered amazon profile is the most secure way to access, and one shall keep in mind the password.

This is complete, how to set up amazon fire for the child as soon as you buy a new fire for your loved one. These steps help a kid to enjoy his world digitally; however, the child cannot change any settings on his own as this is governed by the parent account.

How to make kindle fire kid-friendly 

Children in today’s world are great at exploring new things when it comes to their choice or interest in technology.

So, keeping this in view, the parent has to protect this while keeping the charm of enjoyment at peak. This feature entails how to make kindle fire kid-friendly as Amazon supports complete safety on parental control.

These are categorized simple steps towards this-

  • First is to set some master password – on the home screen, locate the setting icon and under this change the mode of “Parental control” to On by dragging toward the right side.
    It will prompt for the password, first, enter the password and then confirm the password and finally click on the “Finish” tab. This will ensure the device’s safety from kids.
  • Second is to block a few features like browsing control, social sharing etc. – This means that controlling over the browsing sites, different applications that are not safe for kids, sharing of media on social platforms, get locked once the Parental control is “ON”.
    So the kids have secure access to the Fire for their purposes.
  • The third is to protect the purchases – this means when kids want to buy or download any content from any app, it will ask for the password, which has been provided in Parental control. So, kids can’t download or buy any content without checking with their parents.
  • Fourth is to avert all online access and location services – this means to provide password protection to the online watching of videos or music by restricting Wi-Fi connection on to password. So again, kids can watch or listen to the content available stored in their device.

How to set up kindle fire kid edition 

Amazon fire allows you to create or customize the device as per your wish and safety features. You can create separate profiles for all kids and also assign different customized settings as per their requirements.

This may happen if either you buy Amazon Fire for kids with unlimited stuff, which upon buying is free for the first month and then monthly by paying approximately 4 pounds or use Fire for kids with their own parent content by creating their specific profiles. 

So, this is how to set up kindle fire kid edition, and kids can enjoy their stuff by clicking on their profile and all the way the contents are restricted.

Here all focus is on the privacy and safety of kids while using the digital media. Enjoy.